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About me

Sara is beautiful angelic lady with a body that seems ripped from Courbet's paintings. Beauty can not be described in words and only by looking you will understand that perfection was embodied in this goddess of love. The name completes her beauty and gentleness because she is one that will push you to "sin". A fleshly "sin" after which everybody lust, but only those who will know Sara will be part of it. She knows how to treat everyone because of her pleasant nature, education and charm. Whoever reaches around her will be treated in the same way Eva treated Adam, pushing him in to "sin". But this "sin" will be one desired and will become unforgettable. The forbidden fruit could be tasted only once, but with our Sara is not the case. She is the one who can offer the "forbidden fruit" interested persons, but attention because it can cause addiction. An addiction that does not kill you but offers you unimaginable pleasure.


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07015 257597
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